Opposition must understand the sensitivity of COVID-19: FM Qureshi

MULTAN, November 21 — Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Hussain Qureshi said on Saturday that the opposition must understand the sensitivity of the new coronavirus and that the lives of people are not endangered merely for their political purpose. .

“The government is not afraid of public meetings of opposition because it does not form governments, or it drives out governments,” he expressed these views during his meetings with various delegations in his constituency.

Qureshi noted that the government is very concerned about human lives after the second wave of coronavirus.

Following the government and courts, he said the opposition parties have no legal or ethical right to hold public meetings amid pandemic COVID 19.

Qureshi noted that the opposition only does politics of self-interest. It wanted to create unrest in the country.

Deciding to hold public meetings amid the coronavirus indicates the undemocratic and irresponsible attitude of the opposition, Qureshi said.

He added that all political parties should follow standard operating procedures (SOPs) related to COVID 19.

Qureshi noted that the second wave of coronavirus was at its peak and that the current government was working hard to keep pubic life safe.

He regrets that the opposition is showing irresponsible role in the critical phase. Opposition should not play politics in the midst of the coronavirus, he insisted.

China Pakistan Corridor (CPEC) was a game changer for Pakistan, adding that some powers did not want its completion.

“The future of both the region is linked to the CPEC’s mega project,” Qureshi said. He added that the government is determined to protect CPEC.

The foreign minister also maintained that China was also well aware of the importance of the mega project. Recently, he gave a clear message about the safety of CPEC. Pakistan, along with China, will ensure the security of the project, Qureshi said.

He criticized the last government of PML N and said that it caused a great loss to the country by not making a foreign minister for a period of four and a half years.

The foreign policy of the previous government was very flawed because the country was isolated on a global scale.

Prime Minister Imran Khan understood the importance of foreign policy and paid close attention to it. Due to the successful foreign policy, Pakistan has now achieved a high status at international level.

On Prime Minister Imran Khan’s recent visit to Afghanistan, Foreign Minister said the visit remains very successful. Pakistan is trying its best for peace in Afghanistan and stability throughout the region.

The Foreign Minister maintained that the Afghan peace process had begun in the final stages. Talks were also underway in Doha, he added. From day one, Pakistan believed that peace in Afghanistan could only be restored instead of using force.

“Prime Minister Imran Khan reiterated the same message during his recent visit to Afghanistan,” Qureshi said.

‘Pakistan will continue to provide assistance for lasting peace in Afghanistan. We have also focused on expanding the range of bilateral relations, “said the Foreign Minister.

In various sessions, he said that both parties also expressed wishes to improve trade ties and local coordination.

Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Hussain Qureshi spent a busy day in the constituency expressing condolences to the people whose loved ones have died.

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