Holly Prophet (PBUH) is the role model for all mankind: Dr Firdous

LAHORE, 21 Nov — Punjab Special Assistant, Chief Minister of Information, told dr. Firdous Ashiq Awanhas said that the Prophet Mohammed Peace Be Him (PBUH) is a role model for mankind and especially in caring for children as He has learned how to deal with them.

She said Holy Prophet (PBUH) was always very kind and loving to children
and loved them and treated them with great kindness and gentleness.

These views were expressed by Special Assistant to CM during the discussion of the
ceremony arranged for the needy and helpless children of Child Protection and Welfare
Bureau at the Governor’s House on Saturday in connection with ‘Shan-e-Rehmat-ul-Lil Alameen
(PBUH)’s week.

She said Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar had the blissful following
way of life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) by housing the needy children of child protection

& Welfare Bureau. She said the services of the Punjab governor for the right of denial were commendable.

She said the government, led by Punjab’s Prime Minister Usman Buzdar, was wasting every possible measure to provide safe haven to needy, neglected, abused and displaced children.

In addition to providing shelter, the government has also focused on making
them as useful and productive members of society, she added.

Dr Firdous said the Pakistani government of Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) had followed the guiding principles of the state of Madinah and was trying to improve the socio-economic system of Pakistan.

She mentions that the government wants to establish a state where the rights of poor, poor, orphans and widows etc. Be protected.

She maintained that a number of welfare-oriented projects were launched on behalf of the Punjab Prime Minister for the advancement and well-being of people in the province.

When asked, she said that coronavirus is a reality that affects human health everywhere.

Precautions have been taken all over the world to protect and prevent the masses from the virus.

The government has already issued a plan at an NCOC meeting to deal with the situation.
All the provincial governments had to strictly enforce the coronavirus SOPs.

She said opposition politics do only for face-saving, despite the fact that the second wave of the coronavirus was deadly. “Your life is more important than politics,” she stressed.

She said the implementation of SOPs would not be possible in public opposition rallies.

The lives of the people were more important than anything else. If people’s lives were at stake, the government would take strict legal action.

Eventually, the special assistant of CM along with the governor distributed gift barriers among the children and also played cricket with them.

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