Asad Umar advises Sindh Govt to use Rs 700 billion allocated in the budget for Karachi

KARACHI, Nov. 21 — Asad Umar, federal minister of planning, development, reform and special initiatives, said on Saturday that the Sindh government should use Rs 700 billion allocated in the provincial budget for the projects in Karachi.
He said this while speaking to the media after unveiling the memorial plaque to commemorate the pioneer of the BRT Common Corridor from Taj Medical Complex to the Municipal Park along MAJinnah Road here.

The federal minister, along with Governor Sindh Imran Ismail, also unveiled the memorial plaque to commemorate the opening of Degrees Works from the BRT Common Corridor Underground facilities at Naumaish MAJinnah Road.

The Federal Minister said the Green Line project would be a milestone for a modern transportation system in Karachi, and the Green Line project was expected to be completed by the middle of next year. Asad Umar said that in the middle of 2021, the people would see the Green Line on the roads.

He also appreciates Sindh Infrastructure Development Company Limited (SIDCL) and Division of Planning and Development and Special Initiatives for the hard work and dedication in implementing the Green Line project.

Asad Umar spoke on the Karachi Transformation Plan and said that good progress is being made with all the projects in Karachi for which the federal government was responsible and that work is being done quickly on the K-4 project, two railway projects, KCR and Freight . Walk from Karachi Harbor to Pippri. The Green Line project was in the final stages of its implementation, he added.

He said work is also underway to clean drains in Karachi to permanently resolve the issue of drainage after rain. The violations were removed in the first phase of clearing Nullahs for which the Sindh government started working from Mehmoodabad area, he said.

Once the transgressions were removed from the Nullahs, the Federal Government would begin to do so, Asad Umar added. On the occasion, the Governor of Sindh, Imran Ismail, said that the inauguration of the first mass transit project of Sindh between July and September 2021 and Prime Minister Imran Khan, according to his promise, is expected to carry out his inauguration in Karachi.

On the projects, he said that he worked with Asad Umar to open the Graduation Works of BRT Common Corridor Underground facilities at Naumaish MAJinnah Road and the pioneering work of BRT Common Corridor from Taj Medical Complex to the Municipal Park along MAJinnah Road here.

These projects are part of proposed Prime Minister Imran Khan’s 1.1 billion Karachi transformation plan, he noted. He said work was being done quickly on all the projects to be carried out by the federal government in Karachi. The K-4 Water project was handed over to WAPDA. WAPDA will soon present its report in this regard to the prime minister, he added.

Imran Ismail said that the process of appointing a consultant for the K-4 project has been completed and that the K-4 will be a major water supply project that will help to a greater extent to meet the water needs of Karachi completed.

Imran Ismail said that the Green Line project was a long-awaited project and that the Orange Line and Blue Line projects would also be launched after that.
He said he wanted to inform the residents of Karachi on behalf of Prime Minister Imran Khan that the Prime Minister is concerned about the residents of the port city and he is very interested in the development works of Karachi to facilitate the masses. Prime Minister Imran Khan regularly sent Federal Minister Asad Umar to Karachi to review the progress of the ongoing development works, he added.

He also congratulated the SIDCL on the dedication, tireless efforts and dedication shown in the execution of the development works. The element of transparency, which he says is a dream of Prime Minister Imran Khan, is especially maintained in the execution of the projects.

He said he was very grateful to Prime Minister Imran Khan and Federal Minister Asad Umar for their personal interest in Karachi’s development projects.

Asad Umar said in response to a question that in the past no practical development work has been done in Karachi, but that work is now being done on K-4, KCR, cleaning of nullahs and other projects.
He told another questioner that the Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) was a modern Rs 300 billion transport project.

The federal minister told a questioner that about 200 million, including 65 billion in Sindh, were distributed among the needy, poor and deserving people through the Ehsaas program.
On the development of the two Islands, Bundoo and Bundal, he said that the matter is being discussed with the Sindh government and that development work will be done in Sindh and that the people out there will get fruit.

Here it can be noted that the grade road works of the BRT Common Corridor underground facilities at Naumaish MAJinnah Road have three lanes in each direction, 1.3 kilometers long and 30 meters wide, including service and connecting roads, footpaths, light poles, decorative poles, median fence and horticultural belts were completed in about two years at 425 million Rl.

The pioneering work of the BRT Common Corridor from Taj Medical Complex to the Municipal Park along the MAJinnah Road here was also carried out for the execution of the work on a 1.8 kilometer long corridor with five meters width and 200 meters length which according to March had to be. 2022 at 2.26 billion Rs.

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