Ali Zaidi mourns family with Jam Madad

HYDERABAD, November 21 — Ali Zaidi, Federal Minister of Ports and Shipping, visited the city of Jam Nawaz Ali, Sanghar District on Saturday to express his condolences to the family members of the late MPA Jam Madad Ali.

He presented the fate with Jam Nafees Ali over sad death of late MPA Jam Madad Ali and prayed for the departed soul.

While Ali Zaidi paid tribute to the late MPA, Jam Madad is an honest and dedicated politician who always serves his people.

Ali Zaidi spoke to journalists and said PDM is playing with the lives of poor people by organizing public gatherings following the threat of COVID-19.

PDM is an alliance of losers, therefore they will not be followed up in their bad design, Ali Zaidi said, adding that the government will never expand their NGO at all costs.

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