PML-N may be banned for its anti-government activities: Sh Rashid

LAHORE, October 17 — Railway Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad has said that Pakistan’s Muslim League-N (PML-N) may be banned by its leadership because of its anti-state activities and speeches.

Speaking at a press conference here on Saturday, he said that the PML-N is trying its best to reach an agreement and that several meetings have been held for that purpose. One such meeting was held at the Renaissance Istanbul Hotel in Turkey.

He predicted that the PML-N would be split into parts after December 31st. Sh Rashid said there was no threat to the government from the public rallies and rallies of the opposition alliance, Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM).

He said governments could not be overthrown by organizing rallies. He said Nawaz Sharif’s speech strengthened the government of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

He said Nawaz spoke the language of enemies by criticizing the Pakistani army, adding that it was now the death knell of Nawaz’s politics in the country.

He said the PML-N itself had voted for the extension of General Qamar Javed Bajwa, Army General, and that his leadership was now speaking out against him and the Pakistani army.

He said the Pakistani army was a protector of the country and that soldiers were sacrificing their lives for the security of the country.

He said the PDM kept the media busy for a month and could not gather as many people as they expected.

When asked, he said prices of flour and sugar would drop in two months.

On the railways, the minister said that all freight trains will now be booked online like all passenger trains.
He said increasing the technical allowance of railway workers by up to 25 per cent, which would make it easier for 31,000 workers.

He said the drivers’ allowance had also been increased.

He announced that pension would be paid out on the first day of the Hassan Abdal train station among all retired employees.

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