one of the most important agendas of the federal government is the rule of law: Minister of Federal Law

KARACHI, October 17 — Farogh Naseem, Minister of Federal Law, said that one of the main agendas of the federal government is the rule of law and that the constitutional institutions of our country are our honor.

The minister held the fifth national judicial conference here in Karachi on Saturday, saying the federal government is campaigning for the welfare and development of the country and its people.

If you have plans, all kinds of support will be expanded. He added that we do not want to make the system worse.

He further said that the Ministry of Justice has amended some laws to make it easier for the common people as they can solve their problems sooner.

Among them, some are the law of succession, he said that the ombudsman for women (ombudswoman) is in a position to resolve some issues relating to women within three months. (women).

Someone said the Panama case was a conspiracy, he said while asking to buy Avenfield apartments.

We did not have an agenda to file a lawsuit against anyone. The law minister said he did not have false accounts. If someone is on trial on the charges, he or she must provide the money trail to end it, he added.

There has been unfounded criticism of the judiciary in Pakistan. The federal minister has said that only someone who does not know will criticize the judiciary, or that he will deliberately say such things.

Such rulings were an attack on the judiciary and should not be tolerated, Farogh Naseem added.

The institutions of Pakistan are our red line, everyone must respect the red line, and the situation in Pakistan has reached this point due to corrupt political leadership, the minister said.

Legal Adviser to Prime Minister Sindh, Barrister Murtaza Wahab, said thousands of cases had been pending in the courts in Sindh province for many years.

There is a need for dialogue where the debate should take place “how we can improve the system to do justice to ordinary people,” he said.

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