NYT editorial calls Trump ‘biggest threat to US democracy since World War II’

NEW YORK, October 17 — The New York Times editorial board called President Donald Trump’s re-election prospects the biggest threat to American democracy since World War II. ??

The extraordinarily strong editorial, which appeared on Saturday, is accompanied by several other critical opinion pieces dealing with Trump’s foreign policy, economy and race relations.

Trump and the New York Times have had a tumultuous relationship since deciding to run for office. condemned as fake news.

Today’s NYT editorial said: “Mr. Trump’s devastating tenure has already severely damaged the United States at home and around the world. He abused the power of his office and denied the legitimacy of his political opponents, breaking the norms that bound the nation together for generations.

He subjected the public interest to the profitability of his business interests and political interests. He showed a breathtaking disregard for the lives and freedoms of Americans. He is a man who is unworthy of the office he holds.

It is said that the editorial staff does not lightly accuse a duly elected president and holds some of the biting criticism in office for almost four years in office.

November 3 (the day the presidential election is planned) could be a turning point. It is an election about the future of the country and which path the citizens want to choose, the council wrote.

The resilience of American democracy was tested by the first term of Mr. Trump. Another four years would be worse.

The scope and variety of Mr. Trump’s misdeeds can feel overwhelming. The repetition has dampened the sense of outrage, and the accumulation of new outrage leaves little time to reflect on the details, the council said, adding that U.S. voters should restore that sense of outrage.

The council said Trump stands without real opponents as the worst American president in modern history.

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